Nazlı Ceylan brand was found by Nazlı Ceylan Balduk and Sibel Balduk in Kahramanmaraş, 2008. 

Founders of Nazlı Ceylan brand founded in Kahramanmaraş that is one of the most important provinces of Anatolia in terms of textile have witnessed in person to this enjoyable journey indeed from cotton to thread, from thread to cloth. And now, they create through a perspective of a different and unexpected design by combining these enjoyable experiences with Nazlı Ceylan brand and combining some authentic, some mystic ambiance of Anatolia with innovative, modern and trendy sense of fashion. Selection of specific, quality and different cloths, careful works with molds and also seam quality are paid attention during the period to implement the designs.

Experiences of the family in textile have reflected on the quality of designs. Designs produced in Kahramanmaraş meet with their customers at different points of Turkey. MaxxRoyal Kiriş, HillsideBeach Club, AkmerkezFashionUp, Bağdat Caddesi FashionUp are only a few of the stores to which Nazlı Ceylan products are sold.

In our day when “Quick and Prompt Consumption” has become important, Nazlı Ceylan has taken as a brand mission that cultural heritage and values of Anatolia should be protected, each loop is handicraft, past is required to accord with today and designs would be offered to the customers through “Unconditional Satisfaction” philosophy.