These privacy principles were prepared byBalkur Tekstil Ürünleri İç ve Dış Tic. Ltd. Ştiin order to determine responsibilities on privacy. The following articles include the rules of process to collect and supply data on web site.

In the forms of our website, our users may be asked to enter the statistical data such like name, surname, e-mail and postal address, telephone number, credit card details, contact information, age, annual income, financial data such like account number and private data such like tax id number, identification number. Contact information will be used when necessary in order to get in contact with our users. Our users can optionally drop out on our system. The financial details will be used in collecting prices of the purchased product and services and also where necessary. Private information will be used to validate the identity of users when they enter the system and also where necessary. Statistical information and profile details are collected in our website, as well. This information can be used on request.  This information will be used to monitor actions of visitors and provide private contents.

As a member of Balkur Tekstil Ürünleri İç ve Dış Tic. Ltd. Şti, you have the following rights of privacy:

  1.       Your e-mail address will not be disclosed to other companies under no circumstances and it will not be used in order to do marketing via e-mail.
  2.       Information on your name, surname, e-mail address, postal address, telephone number, contact details, age, tax id number, identification number which you enter via our website will not be disclosed to other members. However, this information can be used within its own body in order to determine customer profile by
  3.        Anytime you want, you can apply for cancellation of membership through “communication form” you can find in Communication tab on our website. With the cancellation of membership, all information about you recorded into the system will be removed.
  4.        Your e-mail address is required to be correct and real so that we can reach you, you can be informed on opportunities and your membership can be confirmed for some services.
  5.       Only you can reach the information you entered into the system and only you can change them. Another member cannot reach any information about you and cannot change them unless you permit.
  6.       You can make your selections to get e-mail about daily bulletin of products, news and announcements through the section “Home>Join-Remove from E-mail List” after you log in.


There are safety measures taken by our company in order to prevent data loss, unpermitted use of data and unpermitted changes on our site. These safety measures are:

1- Firewall
2- 2048 Bits SSL Sertifikası
3- Special Cryptology Application
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